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本文摘要:When you have an ample source of renewable energy, why waste non-renewable alternatives? It seems, the government of USA has given this a careful thought and has proclaimed a plan to maximize the production of solar panels in the first hal


When you have an ample source of renewable energy, why waste non-renewable alternatives? It seems, the government of USA has given this a careful thought and has proclaimed a plan to maximize the production of solar panels in the first half of 2016 to 35 gigawatts. When compared to the amount of solar panels developed worldwide, this number is exceptionally very large. Thanks to the declining cost of installing and developing solar panels, the market for these will grow globally by 2017.当你有充裕的可再生能源来源的时候,为什么还要浪费不能再造的能源呢?显然,美国政府早已回应做出了严肃的思维,宣告计划在2016年上半年最大限度地提升太阳能电池板的产量到35吉瓦。比起于世界上已研发的太阳能电池板的数量,这个数字是十分大的。由于加装和研发太阳能电池板的成本上升,到2017年其市场将在全球范围内快速增长。

Even if the solar panel market is new, one cannot deny its potential as an alternative to fossil fuels. On many occasions, we have seen these panels being used for solar pool heating or for lighting up an apartment. But you will be quite surprised to see how this energy is used in some unexpected areas. Here are 10 of the most unexpected uses of solar power that will leave you awestruck.即使太阳能电池板市场是新兴市场,人们也无法坚称它作为化石燃料的替代品的潜力。在很多情况下,我们看见这些电池板被用作太阳能池冷却或灯光公寓。但你不会很吃惊地看见这种能量是如何在一些地方用于用于的。这里有10种太阳能最意想不到的用途,它们不会震惊到你。

1. Movie Theatre电影院Can you even imagine watching a movie in a theatre where everything technical is running with the support of solar power? Well, you may not find a big screen here, but this petite theatre receives its power from four large lithium ion batteries, charged up by 120W solar panels. So, there will be no chances of power failure. Sol Cinema, as this converted two berth 1960’s caravan is also known as, uses an LED video projector and accommodates from eight to 12 adults. This UK-based theater will spice up your adventure movie while you sit comfortably in the vintage car, munching on your popcorn.你能想象在一个所有技术都是通过太阳能运营的剧院里看电影吗?嗯,你有可能在这里去找将近一个大屏幕,但这个小剧院就是指由120W的太阳能电池板电池的四块大的锂离子电池处接管能量的。因此,会经常出现电源故障。

经过改建的的两卧铺1960年大篷车,也被称作Sol电影院,它用于一台LED视频投影机,并可容纳8到12个成年人。这个以英国为基地的电影院不会在你舒适度地躺在其中不吃爆米花的时候,为您播出冒险电影。2. Aircraft飞机Back in 2010, engineers in Switzerland spent seven years in developing a plane that is powered by solar panels. Solar Impulse flew at an altitude of 4000 feet for more than 24 hours continuously. When solar panel on vehicle is still rare, this plane has 12,000 solar cells that help it fly even after sunset.早在2010年,瑞士的工程师花上了七年时间研发了一架由太阳能电池板供电的飞机。太阳能推展飞机在4000英尺的高度下飞行中24小时以上。

当太阳能电池板在车辆上仍少见的时候,这架飞机就早已有12000个太阳能电池片,协助它即使在日领先也能飞行中。Again in 2013, equipped with more than 17,000 solar cells, Solar Impulse 2 took off from Abu Dhabi. This aircraft aims to fly around the world using solar cells to run four electric motors charged by lithium batteries.在2013年,配有着17000块以上的太阳能电池片,太阳能脉冲2号从阿布扎比降落。这架飞机的目的是用于太阳能电池驱动4个锂电池电池的电动马达来环游世界。3. Music音乐The Green Music Group has taken a big leap with its environment protection decision. This coalition of musicians and music lovers prefers people to download albums instead of buying hard copies and their tour buses run on biodiesel. Inspired by the Green Music Group’s initiative, popular Caribbean musician Turtuga Blanku has successfully developed a solar-powered studio. He has placed four pairs of solar panels on the roof to store the power in a battery, which helps him operate the studio by night.绿能音乐集团在其环境保护要求上已迈进了一大步。

这个联盟的音乐家和音乐爱好者讨厌人们iTunes专辑而不是出售硬拷贝,他们的旅游巴士用于生物柴油发动。不受蓝能音乐集团的倡议唤起,知名的加勒比音乐家Turtuga Blanku已顺利研发出有了一间太阳能工作室。他把四对太阳能电池板放到屋顶上,将能量储存在一块电池里,这有助他夜间积极开展工作。


4. Vending Machines自动贩卖机What would it be like getting your favorite chocolate bar from a vending machine operated by solar power? Well, you need to ask the users of this machine in Fuji. The moss-covered vending machine has solar panels that store energy to keep the beverages cool.从一台由太阳能涂东的自动售货机上获得你最喜欢的巧克力条会是什么景象?哦,你必须问一下富士山上这台机器的用户。这台苔藓覆盖面积的自动售货机有太阳能电池板,需要储存能量维持饮料炎热。

Similar to this is yet another machine developed by Springwise. This sleeker solar- powered refrigerator helps to keep its content at the right temperature. The solar panels recharge the batteries, which assist the machine to maintain its temperature at night and even on a cloudy day.与此类似的是由Springwise研发的另一台机器。这台时尚的太阳能可供电冰箱协助维持其内部在适合的温度。太阳能电池板为电池电池,它可以协助机器在夜间,甚至在阴天维持温度。5. Solar Market太阳能市场You walk into a market to buy fresh organic vegetables. Now, what if the market you walk into is operated naturally? Welcome to Albuquerque Downtown Growers Market, where everything is powered by solar energy. From ATM to espresso machines, and equipment beyond that, all power-operated devices in this marketplace count upon four 240W solar panels. These rolling solar cells are strong enough to store energy and run the entire market.你走出市场去卖新鲜的有机蔬菜。


6. Solar Bike Path太阳能自行车道A Dutch company in collaboration with the Dutch Government has created a bike path, which is about 70 meters long. This path acts like one large solar panel, generating more than 700 kilowatts of power, enough to produce electricity for two to three households in a year.一家荷兰公司与荷兰政府合作,建构了一条约70米宽的自行车道。这条道路就像一个大太阳能电池板一样,发电量多达700千瓦,充足产生2到3户人家一年用于的电量。The company has placed layers of silicon solar cells in between concrete slabs and a layer of tempered glass. It was a challenge to keep the top layer clean and free from dirt, so that the cells can capture the sunlight seamlessly. Moreover, the path has to be skid-resistant and strong for the bikers. However, the company was successful in developing and installing this SolaRoad within five years, spending almost $3.8 million.该公司在混凝土板和一层钢化玻璃之间摆放了一层硅太阳能电池层。